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Who are the FAMILY ADVISORS: they are household professionals at 360 degrees.

  • These include Technical Consultants (for example: architects, engineers, surveyors, industrial experts) who are ready to advise you on all the precautions to take and the changes to make to turn your home into a multi-generational home. They can also assist you in drawing up the necessary Family Home lease documents (e.g.: drafting of the APE – energy performance certificate).
  • There are Tax Consultants (for example: business consultants and chartered accountants) who will find the best strategies for the new family for paying less tax and taking advantage of all possible tax allowances, thereby cutting expenses to a minimum. They will also assist you in managing the income from leasing your Family Home.
  • There are Legal Advisors who will be at your side to help you understand the regulations governing this new form of cohabitation. They can also assist you in the management of your Family Home (e.g.: the contracts for a possible lease).
  • They are Insurance Consultants that will search and will propose, depending on the type of needs of the individual or of the family, insurance solutions better suited to the new model of sharing both as regards the 'house and for the cars.
  • They are Notaries, very important figures to realize any estate transfer (or other law) on the property.
  • They are Psychologists that will help, where necessary, individuals and nuclear families to unite into the same family indicating the precautions and the right strategies to achieve the goal of living together and sharing so that everyone will be taken care of.

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